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Jennifer searching.....

2 August
squirrel whisperer. chihuahua lady (although I do have a German Sheperd, too).

I am an artist - photographer and artist trading cards. Outsider, Raw art. I especially love street photography and candid photos of people. I like urban art, abandoned places and making the looked over every day ordinary things into pictures with some meaning. I also love that the meaning is something different and unique for each person. I ALSO love that it was me who influenced that thought and put it there.

I love movies (probably a little too much) I read sometimes but I find it hard to do.
I spend entirely too much time watching true crime shows and my 600lb life.
I listen to all kinds of music.
I'm a hot mess and messy.
I creatively afflicted and as such, creatively mad.

I am bipolar 1 and have ADD, not ADHD but ADD.

Studying at New York Institue of Photography 2018 - present day

**And my interests, in case you don't want to look at that tab, are:
a sense of humor, abstract art, abstract expressionism, art, art history, being barefoot, big cats, bipolar, black humor, butterflies, candles, creative people, curiosity, eccentrics, carrie fisher, expressionism, flickr, found things, gaming, guerrilla art, drawing, karma, kay redfield jamison, lions, documentaries, mayhem, mischief, movies so many movies, marvel before dc, true crime tv, my.3, my canon, naps, originality, painting, people watching, southern folks, philosophy, photography, playstation4, trash pandas, preserving wildlife, protecting wildlife, ridiculous art, self taught artists, sensitive people, spirituality, spooky movies, spooky places, squirrel watching, st. augustine, street photography, swearing for fun, wine, the arts, the beach, the woods, graffiti, thunderstorms, urban decay, wildlife conservation, wildlife welfare, wind chimes, world cultures, x-box one, zen